Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Special K Challenge

Let me preface this post by stating that I am not a nutritionist, doctor, or anything else along those lines. I am a food-lover. That being said, you should always consult your doctor concerning any weight-loss plan you may be interested in before beginning. Disclaimer over.

Last spring, my place of employment had a "Biggest Loser Challenge." I actually ran it and it was a lot of fun! I felt like I got to know a lot of my coworkers better and finding ways to motivate our group of 28 participants on a weekly basis was challenging but motivating for me too! I started off with the Special K challenge and working out with friends after work, either walking or doing exercise videos and the pounds dropped off. I was absolutely amazed when I finished the Special K challenge (only 2 weeks) and had lost 7 pounds. When I started, I was working my way out of my current pant size into the next bigger but at this point my pants were not only comfortable again, but some were even a bit loose. I have never experienced anything like this so I was a bit amazed.

I continued losing weight until the end of the BL in April and ended up coming in second, losing a little over 14 lbs. I haven't felt that good in a long time and was looking forward to keeping the weight off.......and then came summer. Once BL was over, I didn't really have much motivation to work out and slowly I went back to my old eating habits. Before I knew it (last week) I was popping clasps and buttons off my new "skinny pants" and slipping, comfortably, into my old "fat pants." I have regained 9 pounds of what I lost and I am not happy about it.

Unfortunately, BL doesn't start up until January again. However, a few of my colleagues have decided to have a little challenge of their own and I was lucky enough to get in on it. So, starting Monday (two days ago) I went back to the Special K challenge. I figure it got me jump started last time so hopefully it will do it again. Here's how it least for me. :) (I tend to modify)

Breakfast: Bowl of Special K cereal with skim milk (They say you get 2/3 cup of milk but that's waaaay too much milk for me.) Most of the cereals only give you 3/4 cup serving so the milk to cereal ratio is crazy. I just splash a little on.

Morning Snack: That's right, I get a snack in the morning....I wouldn't make it to lunch without it. I usually grab a Special K cereal bar but sometimes I have a piece of fruit.

Lunch: Another bowl of cereal with skim milk, and as many fruits and veggies as I want. Today I packed a small salad, some peppers with fat free ranch dressing (it's only 15 calories for the little bit I use), and a banana to go with my cereal.

Afternoon Snack: Usually a serving size (17) of Special K crackers (they have a crazy tomato herb flavor that is just delicious!) but sometimes a cereal bar or another piece of fruit.

Dinner: Whatever I moderation. :) They say to eat your third meal as you normally do and I take that to heart. I just try to be more careful about portion sizes now, especially when I'm eating last night! I try to eat at least one or two big portions of veggies and then a small amount of lean meat and maybe a I really have to keep reminding you how much I love carbs?

I try not to snack after dinner but we still have cake in the house so that's tough sometimes. I really like to keep the Skinny Cow 50 calorie fudge pops around even though they are a little pricey cause I figure I can always fit in an extra 50 calories if I really need something sweet at the end of the day.

Do I ever cheat? Well, yes, it happens. Take yesterday for example--we had a meeting after work and I was in charge of snacks so I brought my delicious spinach-artichoke dip. Even I can't resist that. And then today at lunch I had to help finish it off...couldn't let it go to waste now could I? I mean really.

So that's it...I haven't really started working out much yet so I doubt I'll see quite the drop I did last time unless I can get my act together. Wish me luck!

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