Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This week in the ads....

So this week I was really searching for something to get excited about in the ads (I think I need to find a new place to focus my hunt)...here's what I found!

Schnucks: Schnucks' big advertisement this week is focused around their 10 for $10 sales featuring Michelina's entrees, Fresh Express Salad mixes, Barilla pasta, Rotel, and Blue Bunny Personals ice cream, to name a few. However...down at the bottom of the page is what I really got excited about...boneless bottom round roast for $1.99/lb.! Last week I picked up a couple of chuck roasts at Shop 'N Save for $1.89/lb. so for $0.10 more...I'll take bottom round this week! Special K cereal is on sale 4 for $10 (usually in the $4-$5/box range so that's a good deal!) and since I just restarted the Special K Challenge yesterday, I'll have to swing by and stock up on that. (More to come on the challenge in a future post...)

Shop 'N Save: I see $1 Duncan Hines cake mixes on page 4!!! Thank goodness cause I only have one mix left from my last big $1 cake mix stock up about a month ago...yes, I know...I make a lot of cakes. (My pants already reminded me.) I digress...you'll need sour cream to make the spread for those salmon burgers and at $1 for the 16 oz tub...you'll have plenty to spare! Lastly, I have to give a little plug for the new Bud Light Golden Wheat...on sale for $5.47/6 pack this week. If you haven't tried it yet you should...it's really rather tasty!

Dierbergs: Uh...Dierbergs is having a buy one get one free meat sale. BOGO meat? I am definitely enticed but since it doesn't list the original price for one, I'm not sure how great of a deal I'd be getting. And it's only on select items...though BOGO pork tenderloin sounds pretty good. :) They also have my favorite Pictsweet frozen veggies on sale 2/$2...awesome! And for all you bakers out there, Dierbergs butter is just $1.68. That's a pretty sweet deal for your sweets! And look at that, right next to Skippy peanut butter we have flu shots and shingles vaccines...yikes. Rounding out this week's deals is Campbell's tomato or chicken noodle soups (perfect for this time of year) 10 for $6! Though I do have to admit that the marinated salmon skewers at $2.99 each look delicious as well.

So there ya have it folks...happy shopping!

In the meantime, I'd like to know what you think. Is anyone actually using these grocery ad reviews or should I scrap em? Don't get me wrong, I love cracking my BOGO meat jokes but if you would rather I shared more recipes then I should be spending my time on that! Input is welcome here! :) Thanks!

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  1. BOGO meat is at the regular price per lb (i got some chkn there today) and the pork tenderloin was 6.59/lb, I think... it's worth a peek. :) so you just have to find 2 packages about the same weight so you get the most bang for your buck.