Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ask Lauren Returns!

So this edition of "Ask Lauren" is long overdue.  Back in the beginning of November, the school I work at had a "fiesta" for the teachers as a sign of our appreciation of our staff.  I brought Homemade Gourmet's Cinnamon Sopapillas to share.  They were a big hit with their layers of flaky pastry and cinnamon infused cream cheese.......................................pardon me, I needed to wipe the drool from my lip.  Where was I, oh yes, so the HG sopapillas are more like a coffee cake as far as consistency goes.  Not quite the same as the crispy, puffy pastries covered in honey and cinnamon-sugar you might get at a Mexican restaurant.  One of my coworkers asked if I knew how to make the restaurant style ones as she particularly likes them.  I did not, but I promised to figure it out.

Two months later, I finally got it!  Many thanks to the Food Network for helping me out in my quest!  Here;s the recipe for Ingrid Hoffmann's Sopapillas.  It really was an easy recipe to follow and even the frying wasn't hard.  The only thing I didn't like was the stink in my house when we were done.  Maybe next time I will make these when it's warmer than 15 degrees so I can open a window or two.  :) 

Just a couple tips to making this recipe work out the very best it can.  Be careful not to make the dough too wet!  Once you add the water and shortening to the dry ingredients, make sure you use your hands to combine.  This will help you have a much better feel for how much more water you need to add, one teaspoon at a time.  If it starts to get sticky, lay off the water.  Other than that, just follow Ingrid's instructions and I promise you will enjoy them!

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