Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So last week I promised more ways to use your pesto...sorry I'm just getting around to sharing some now!  Enjoy this super easy homemade pesto mac 'n cheese! (Just for you Megan!)

Lauren's Pesto Mac (& Cheese!)

You will need:
1 recipe Velveeta Down Home Mac & Cheese (minus Ritz crackers, plus breadcrumbs...heehee)
1 cup (or more) of the delicious pesto you already made

The trick is, before you pour the mac & cheese into the 8x8 or 9x9 casserole dish, put a little pesto at the bottom.  Then pour only half of the mac & cheese on top, followed by more pesto, followed by the rest of the mac & cheese, then the rest of the pesto!  Don't forget to top with cheddar cheese and the breadcrumb mixture and don't stir it!  The pesto will work its way around as it bakes, trust me. 

A few days after I made this, I went to lunch with some girlfriends at Cheese-ology in the Loop (an all mac & cheese restaurant...oh buddy!)  Turns out they have a pesto mac too!  I decided to try The Hill (provel, salsiccia, marinara...mmmm) but it was tempting to see how similar our pesto macs are!  The Mediterranean and the Bacon, Bacon were also calling my name...I guess that means I'm just gonna have to go back!

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