Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Great deals this week...

Finally got a chance to sit down with the grocery ads this afternoon in between the first day of school and working on the deck this evening. (way too much excitement around my house)

I think this week I'll run through each of the ads one by one.

Let's start with Dierbergs, shall we?

First off, Dierbergs is advertising a 15 hour sale for TOMORROW!! From 7am to 10pm they are running special deals on lots of stuff...some of my personal favorites: Johnsonville Brats (19.76 oz pkg.) for just $2.99, Fresh Express Iceberg Garden bagged lettuce for $0.98/bag, Ocean Market tilapia 16 oz. pkg. for $3.49, and lots of cheese and lunch meat at the deli at $3 off per pound! WOW!!! I'm debating getting there at 6:30, filling my cart, checking out at 7, running the groceries back home, then heading to work! Oh and don't miss out on Woodbridge Wines by Robert Mondavi for just $4.99 per bottle (limit 48 bottles...HA!)!! There's lots of other great stuff in the rest of the ad but I think this 15 hour sale is just about the best thing since sliced bread. :)

Schnucks doesn't have anything quite as exciting as the 15 hour sale but they do have boneless skinless chicken breasts (fresh or frozen) for $1.89/lb. this week! Time to stock up to get ready for slow cooker cooking this fall! (more on that in a later post) Also notable are General Mills cereals (think Cheerios, Trix, etc) for $2.50/box, 16 oz. pkgs. of Schnucks brand bacon for $2.99, and buy one get one free Fresh Express complete salads. One thing I thought was interesting is that they have California peaches advertised for $1.99/lb. in the ad but if you go to the store (I was there this afternoon) they have Eckert's peaches for $0.98/lb.! I stocked back up since we finally finished all the ones we got when we picked our own and am ready for some baking!

Rounding out the group is Shop 'n Save! Right away I noticed that they have to 16 oz. tubs of Prairie Farms sour cream on sale 10 for $10. Schnucks often does the 8oz. tubs at this price but I got a little excited to see the 16 oz. tubs for $1...who doesn't love sour cream?! Shop 'n Save shredded cheeses are also on sale for $1.38/bag, beef chuck roast is $1.97/lb., and they, too, have Fresh Express complete salads 2 for $4 (remember Schnucks has them BOGO with one being $3.99). And oooooo, lobster tails $3.99 each! Might have to serve up a little surf 'n turf dinner for my hubby early next week to thank him for all his hard work on our deck so far. :)

So there you have it folks...hope this helps you as you head out to the grocery store!

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