Monday, August 31, 2009

Meal Plan Mini-Post

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to keep you up to date on what's on the menu for this goes!

Monday: leftover sauerbraten (it was delicious...again!)
Tuesday: Baked Cajun Lemon Salmon, broccoli, angel hair pasta w/ parmesan cheese
Wednesday: HG Grandmother's Sunday Roast pork chops ( the slow cooker!), baked potato, salad
Thursday: Picnic Chicken (remember this one? see "Goin' on a picnic, leavin' right away" for the recipe), rice pilaf, broccoli (broccoli is my favorite veggie...can you tell?)
Friday: Leftovers!

I'm starting to think Friday might be designated leftover day, that way, if we decide to go out to eat instead it won't mess things up too much. Tuesdays are also going to be a good candidate for leftovers starting Sept. 8th when I begin cake decorating classes on Tuesday evenings! Can't wait!

Did this week's meal plan leave you uninspired? Suggest something for next week! Can be a specific recipe or something more general that I can prepare and share a recipe of my own (i.e. Lauren, I want a tilapia recipe! or Lauren, I want Mexican!)

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