Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Empty fridge? Time to fill up!

Sorry about the lapse in weekly ad reviews last week...I'm not sure how I missed that one.

We're gonna start with Schnucks this week cause, well, that's where I do the majority of my shopping. It's the closest to my house and even though there's a Shop 'N Save right across the street, my car just seems to go on autopilot into the Schnucks' parking lot whenever I'm headed to the grocery. Having a BBQ this weekend? Stop at Schnucks to pick up pork steaks for $1.39/lb. (pork butt sliced into steaks is just $0.89/lb), sirloin steaks for $5.99/lb. or split chicken breasts (I picked up a 3 pack for tomorrow night's picnic chicken) for $0.99/lb.! While you're there, KC Masterpiece sauces are $1.00 each, corn on the cob is $0.25/ear, and there are lots of pasta salads and slaws available at the deli for $3.99/lb.....that is, if you're not interested in making your own. ;)

Shop 'N Save is on deck...the front page is ALL about bar-b-que! Well, except for the Cheerios which are on sale for $1.97/box. Haha! Turn the page and you'll find more great deals including potato salad, coleslaw, or macaroni salad for $1.00/lb! Then there's a couple pages of extra coupons on things like A1 Steak Sauce, Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs, and Miracle Whip that you might be interested in clipping (or printing). Keep flipping and you'll find one of my all time favorite comfort foods, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (I've got the blues...) for just $0.73/box!! I might just have to make a special trip to stock up on that.

Next up, Dierbergs! There's no 15-hour sale or 50% off sale advertised this week but they still have some pretty good deals to check out. One thing to pick up this week is Dr. Pepper or 7up 2 - 12 packs, get one free. So you're basically looking at 3/$7 or $2.33/each which is pretty cheap considering you'll pay almost $5.00/ea if they aren't on sale. I'll take it! They also have some of my favorite dressings (from Kraft!) 2/$4. You can also get a pretty good deal on pork spare ribs at $2.49/lb. or St. Louis Style ribs $3.19/lb. What's the difference you ask? They are actually both taken from the same part of the pig (the belly) and are a little less meaty than some other cuts of ribs (rib tips or country style ribs) but they tend to be more tender because they have a bit more fat. Remember that a little extra fat when slow cooking (the best way to cook ribs!!!)=more tender meat! Anyway, back to the difference...St. Louis Style ribs remove the sternum, cartilage, and rib tips so they have a more rectangular shape. Fancy huh?

Have plans this holiday weekend? Need a recipe to take to a pot luck or bbq? Let me help!!

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