Monday, September 7, 2009

Week 3...still planning!!

I am slowly beginning to love meal planning. It gets me excited for dinner each night...getting to really think about what I want to eat and then knowing ahead of time exactly what we're having for dinner AND that I have all the ingredients already because I planned ahead! LOVE IT!

Here's what's on the menu this week...

Monday: BBQ at Mom and Dad's (I'm bringing HG Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Dip....way yummy!)
Tuesday: HG Taco Chicken, corn, salad, chips and salsa
Wednesday: Spicy Vodka Pasta (one of Tom's favorites!), bread, salad
Thursday: Leftover pasta for Tom...I'm going out for sushi with my girls! :)
Friday: Kind of up in the air right now because of possible plans...if we get in a bind maybe we will use my Pasta House gift certificate I won at school last week. Woot!
Saturday: Culinary Row at the St. Louis Art Fair in Clayton (They have ALL KINDS of delicious stuff from area restaurants...can't wait!)

Anyone else out there meal planning? I'd love to hear how it's going for you...and what's on YOUR menu!

Stay tuned later tonight...I have another restaurant review coming!!!!


  1. On the drive home from the Lake today, the FI and I had a chat about meal planning. I told him we need to start doing it, especially since both of us will be home more this semester. Might need some Homemade Gourmet tips and recipes you recommend!

  2. That's awesome Brit! You got a great start with your order today. Take a look at and click on the "Easy Recipes" tab. Choose recipe search and enter any mixes you might have (taco soup, for example) and lots of alternative recipes will pop up! We're having Taco Chicken tomorrow (taco soup mix, rotel, chicken breasts...throw in slow cooker, go to work, come home, delicious meal!) Some mixes have a lot of alternative recipes, others have just a couple. If I can help you in any way, you know how to find me! :)

  3. Lauren, I'd love your recipe for spicy vodka pasta!
    And, hey, here's an idea for you. Maybe someday (when you have tons of extra time) you could do a combo of grocery ads, meal planning, shopping list. Then, you could shop for all of us and we'd just pay you. Or, maybe that's going too far :)
    Patti Hoffman