Monday, August 9, 2010

Peach Week!

It's peach week on Lauren's Leftovers!  Just like Shark Week only it doesn't make you afraid to go swimming in the ocean.  ;) 

I just love peach season.  There's something irresistable about a perfectly ripe peach...though these gems are better eaten alone so no one else has to hear you slurping or see you with peach juice running down your I right or am I right?  But beyond just tearing into one of these golden beauties, there are so many amazingly delicious things (read: desserts) you can make with them!  First, don't forget about last year's peach post featuring a chilled peach pie...mmm.  But never fear, I have plenty of other peachy keen wonderful recipes to share this year!  Case in point...

The Lady and Sons Peach Cobbler

This was a recipe of Paula Deen's that my sister said she was gonna make, but I beat her to it.  ;)  Hubby loved it.  Gobbled it up.  It has a little bit of a different texture to the "crust" and mine didn't seem to raise up through the fruit like Paula promised (I swear I didn't stir it!) but it sure did taste good.  Here see a few pics of me making it!

First you melt the butter in the 9x13 pan in the oven. 
Be careful not to start this before you're ready or the butter will begin to brown.

If you're using fresh peaches like I did, follow Paula's directions closely for preparing them and creating the delicious syrup that comes with cooking them in the sugary water.

Get your batter all mixed up.  You don't need to use a stand mixer but I was worried mine was feeling neglected lately and we can't have that.

Next, take the dish out of the oven and pour the batter into the butter.  Try saying that 5 times fast.  No stirring at this point!

Then spoon the peaches on top and pour the syrup over the entire thing.  Don't forget to sprinkle cinnamon on top!  And remember...NO stirring!

Pop it in the oven and let it do it's thing!

Isn't that beautiful?!  You can kind of see the "crust" coming up in a few places.  I guess I just expected it to do that in a more dramatic fashion.  I like dramatics.

Don't mind if I do. ;)

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