Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fish Fry Fridays!

I'm surprised it took me this long to discuss these annual events I look forward to each year but I'm gonna keep it short and sweet (we all know how this ends up with me...).  I've been to a few mediocre fish fries but never any that have been downright gross so I'm going to refrain from negative comments. are a few of my favorites in the St. Louis County area.

3.  St. Peter's in Kirkwood--(4:30-7pm)--They have weekly specials so you have to check their bulletin or website to see what they are serving up that week and if it meets your tastes/needs.  The food is good, desserts available for an additional fee (I think they are just $0.50 or something like that.)  It's also the most reasonable on my top 3 coming in at $6 for an adult plate and $3 for a child plate.  Warning...some weeks have a shellfish special so if you have food allergies, you will want to check this out before you go.  Most weeks are shellfish free...I believe this week is one of those weeks.

2.  Our Lady of Providence (OLP)--(4-7pm)--Big sad face for this week as they are not hosting a fish fry tomorrow but they have one planned for the 26th so you can check them out then.  To be honest, it has been 2 years since we have been to OLP so I don't remember many of the specifics (I think it was $7 for the adult plate.) but I remember being very impressed with the selection, price, and quantity of food. the past shellfish is regularly on the menu so if you have food allergies use caution.

1.  St. Clement of Rome--(4:30-7:30)--This one gets crowded!!  Why?  Because it is SO GOOD!  For $8 (adult plate...can't remember what a child's plate is here) you get two pieces of cod OR one cod and 4 shrimp OR baked tilapia or salmon (my favorite thing they have here!), 3 sides (choose from salad, slaw, applesauce, french fries, mac 'n cheese, beans, etc), and bread.  Beverages are included (lemonade, tea, water), desserts are an additional $0.50, and beer is available for $2/each.  I believe there is also cheese pizza and other kid friendly items far the biggest selection I have seen.  Come early or be ready to stand in line but don't worry...they keep it movin. Warning...shellfish is regularly on the menu so if you have food allergies use caution.

St. Clement is by far our favorite and we go whenever we can.  We've made other plans for tomorrow evening but you better believe we'll try to make it there next week!

Note:  Most parishes have their final fish fry on Friday, March 26th this year.  It will be difficult to find one after that but if you do, let me know!

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