Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blogathon 2010

I just heard about May being a "blogathon month" meaning you sign up to "pledge" to post on your blog every day for a month.  I'm not officially signed up (I'm lazy like that) but I figured I could give it an "unofficial" try.  (Have I used quotation marks enough yet?)

So here goes nothing...31 blog posts in 31 days...can your google reader handle that?  I don't think it's ready for this jelly.  Mmmm...jelly.  Oh, yes, where was I...

I thought it might be fun to start off the month with a theme day so Saturdays this month will be my "Top Five" days.  Why five you ask?  Why not ten?  Most times you see a top ten.  It's simple really, coming up with my top ten anything would take me forever.  I give first top five...

Top Five St. Louis Patios

5.  Llywellyn's CWE location (lots of shady trees for those afternoon happy hours)
4.  Growler's Sunset Hills location (might rank higher if there wasn't always a crazy wait for a table)
3.  Tucker's Place (partially cause it's so close to my house but the frosty mugs are a nice touch)
2.  Schlafly Bottleworks (live music, great food and beer...fantastic combination)

but I think my favorite patio to sit on would have to be (and I've only been there once...what a shame)

1.  The Vine on Main  (Can't beat two patios, one in front for Main Street views and one out back with occasional live it)

See you all tomorrow with some recipes!


  1. Your "patio post" makes me miss St. Louis (and sitting on patios with you!). It's such a great city for patios! I agree with all of those and would like to add one. Bar Louie in CWE. It is GREAT for people watching!!
    Big news coming in the blog world, Bridget and I may be working on a little project!

  2. What? My patio didn't make the list? This is bull poop.