Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's a Brookie?

Is it a cookie?  Sort of.  Is it a brownie?  Kinda.  Is it delicious?  YES!!!

I'm sure many of you have now checked out some of the other blogs I follow (located in the side bar) but Bakerella is seriously one of my favorites.  I still don't think I could ever be as talented or crafty as she is when it comes to baked goods...I have yet to get a batch of cake pops to look anything like hers...but I try.

I couldn't pass up this opportunity to point out one of her more recent posts introducing "Congo Bars."  I had never heard of such a thing but after reading through many of the comments (and eating some...again thanks to my sister) I'm realizing that they really are very similar to a blondie brownie...only better.  My guess is that it's the pound of brown sugar (yes...an entire pound) that makes them oh so yummy.  I love her ideas for additional mix-ins...I think white chocolate chips and mini M&Ms would be divine.  Can't wait to whip up a batch for myself!  I'm not sharing either!  ;)

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