Saturday, May 8, 2010

Top Five Pastas

This is to honor all the delicious pasta I plan to devour this evening at the Old Spaghetti Factory!

Top Five Pastas

5.  Penne with Spicy Vodka Cream Sauce
4.  Pasta con Broccoli (the kind with just white at Pasta House)
3.  Lasagna from Amighetti's (mmm...provel)
2.  Fetuccini al Carbonara (ala Rich and Charlie's but many other places have it this yummy)

And my number one favorite pasta...

1.  Seafood Pasta Suzanne at Charlie Gitto's (I have tried and tried to duplicate this...sigh...can't be done)

As I'm looking at this list I feel like I am missing some more of my favorites (you have to understand how much I love pasta).  I need to get my mom's stuffed shells and manicotti recipes...those are to die for too!  Maybe I can even get her to teach me how to make pasta from scratch...that's something I have yet to do.

Welp, until tomorrow...


  1. i have the manicotti recipe, and i'm trying a new stuffed shells recipe this week with spinach in it. will let you know how it is, can't wait! i like to think that our love of pasta is from grandma k...and i love it!

  2. You need to head to Monarch and try their Carbonara appetizer, so ridiculously good!