Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Oh boy do I love me some cuppie-cakes (read:  cupcakes...duh).  They are fast and easy to make and filling and frosting them is a piece of cake (hehehe) when you have the right tools so it's extra easy to make them extra special.  Check out this spread I made for Mother's Day!
Don't they look lovely?  Look closely and you'll notice one is missing from the bottom layer.  I allowed my hubby to sample one ahead of time...you know, for quality control.

Here's one up close.  Mmmm...who knew there was strawberry preserves on the inside?  Me!  That's who!  And isn't that stand a bute?  My mom got it for me for Christmas from Crate and Barrel.  Love it!
My niece and nephew certainly seemed to enjoy them, don't you think?  This is becoming a trend. 
Aunt Lauren = cake.  I think I'm ok with that.  :)

Hope you're enjoying the blogathon!  Are you following any other blogs that are participating?

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